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"Tulip and Cane" Bundling Miniature Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Tulip and Cane" Bundling miniature finger lamp; 8"H
vaseline glass with matching umbrella shade; #9 series
© 1962-1964
Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, Ohio
Imperial Glass Encyclopedia, Volume III - pg. 705
"Sunlight" Miniature Oil Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Sunlight" miniature oil lamp; 2 1/2"H
blue font with embossed ribbed swirl pattern; "Sunlight" embossed on font;
tin saucer base with applied handle; hornet burner
Smith II - fig. 92
Miniature Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Whale oil or fluid period miniature finger lamp; 3 1/8"H
colourless glass font; applied handle
© 1850-1860
Similar to Smith 1 - fig. 3 
"Honeycomb" Miniature Oil Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Honeycomb" Miniature Oil Lamp; 6"H;
made from a Honeycomb goblet mold 
© 1880
Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton, Ontario
Sutton-Smith - Canadian Handbook of Pressed Glass Tableware, pg. 175
Stevens - Canadian Glass, 1825-1925, pg. 52 

"Little Favorite" Miniature Stem Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Little Favorite" miniature stem lamp; 7 1/4"H
"Little Favorite" embossed on bottom of base;
colourless glass; Acorn burner
© 1890-1900
C.S. Raymond, NY, NY
Smith II - fig. 43 
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