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B&P Reproductions

b-pRepro3a (17K)Starting in 1995, the B&P Lamp Company of McMinnville, TN, began commissioning and selling increasing numbers of reproduction lamps. These photos illustrate just some of the lamps and colors that are reproduced.

The reproductions are originally identified only with a sticker, which is easily removed. Some dealers will identify these as new lamps and sell them for around $25.00. Other unscrupulous or clueless dealers will confuse these with older lamps and try to sell them for much higher prices.

Because the quality of the glass is better than other reproductions in the past, these lamps have turned up with old collars and old burners, adding to the buyer's confusion between old and new.

Caveat Emptor!


b-pRepro4a (16K)


b-pRepro2a (23K) b-pRepro1a (22K)


Reprinted with permission of Bob Culver, president of the Night Light Club, the Miniature Lamp Club, www. nightlightclub.org




Home Articles/Reference B&P Reproductions