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Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps                                                          Oil Lamps II                                      Oil Lamps III
Catherine Thuro                                               Catherine Thuro
                              Catherine Thuro                                 

Student Lamps of the Victorian Era              A Heritage of Light                         New Light on Old Lamps
Richard C. Miller                                              Loris Russell                                     Dr. Larry Freeman

Fairy and Miniature Lamps

Evolution of the Night Light                          Miniature Lamps                             Miniature Lamps II
Anne McDonald                                              Frank and Ruth Smith                     Ruth Smith

Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era        Miniature Victorian Lamps              Those Fascinating Little Lamps
Majorie Hulsebus                                          Majorie Hulsebus                             John Solverson

Fairy Lamps                                                       Fairy Lamps
Bob and Pat Ruff                                              Amelia E. MacSwiggan

Canadian Pressed Glass

Glass in Canada                                  A Guide to Early Canadian Glass              Canadian Glass 1625-1926
Thomas King                                      Hilda and Kevin Spence                              Gerald Stevens

Glass in Canada                                  American and Canadian Goblets                American and Canadian Goblets II
Gerald Stevens                                    Doris and Peter Unitt                                   Doris and Peter Unitt 

Treasury of Canadian Glass              Canadian Handbook of Pressed Glass Tableware
Doris and Peter Unitt                          Peter and Barbara Sutton-Smith

American Glass

Glass Tumblers                       Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass        American Glass
1860’s to 1920’s                      1860-1930                                                                D. Schwartz and Robert DiBartolomeo
Tom Bredehoft                        Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile

Central Glass Company         Early American Pressed Glass                         Findlay Glass
Marilyn Gallock                       Ruth Webb Lee                                                  James Measell and Don Smith

Early American Pattern Glass       The Illustrated Guide to American Glass        Tumblers with a Past
Alice Metz                                       Emma Papert                                                         Leroy and Mertie Simon

Early American Pattern Glass        Field Guide to Pattern Glass                            American Glass
Dan Reilly and Bill Jenks                Mollie Helen McCain                                        George S. and Helen McKearin

Opalescent Glass

Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass Book II.              Fenton Art Glass Patterns, 1930-1980
Opalescent Glass from A to Z.                                                             Margaret and Ken Whitmyer                           
William Heacock                                                                               

Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass, Book III            Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass
Syrups, Sugar Shakers and Cruets.                                                     Bill Edwards and Mark Carwile
William Heacock



Home Articles/Reference REFERENCE BOOKS