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“Cased Satin” Fairy Lamp PDF Print E-mail
“Cased Satin” Three-Part Fairy Lamp;
opal cased shaded rose;
quatrefoil base with applied frosted colorless foot marked with Clarke's patent underneath,
frosted colorless cup,  embossed with ballerina but no lettering.
5" H, 6" Square base, 3 ¾" D cup
Probably Thomas Webb & Sons, England.
Shape similar to Ruf - Fairy Lamps, pg. 187, Fig. 662

“Nailsea" Three-Part Fairy Lamp PDF Print E-mail
  “Nailsea / Venetian Thread” Three-Part Fairy Lamp
opal loops on blue; base with upturned crimped rim;
colorless Clarke's cup with beaded rim.
5 ½" H, 6 ½" D base, 3 ¾" D cup.
Phoenix Art Glass Co..
Marple - Phoenix Art Glass, p. 27, pl. 39.
Ruf - Fairy Lamps, p. 162, fig. 566.





"Burmese" Fairy Lamp PDF Print E-mail

Acid "Burmese" fairy-size dome, shading
from yellow to pink, resting in a signed
crystal Clarke lamp cup, 3 3/4"H
© 1890-1900
Ruff - Fairy Lamps,  pg. 23, fig. 19




"Nailsea-Type" Fairy Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Nailsea-type" fairy size dome in blue
with white loopings;resting in a crystal
Clarke lamp cup; 4"H
© 1890-1900
Ruff - Fairy Lamps, pg. 35 


Satin Peach Blow Fairy Lamp PDF Print E-mail

Satin peach blow fairy size dome; shaded rose to pale pink;
crimped upper rim.  Dome sits in ribbed fairy lamp cup, marked
"S. Clarke Patent Trade Mark Fairy", which contains a clear
ribbed candle holder.
Cup sits on six rounded scallops on upright crimped rim
of matching bowl base.  6"H
© 1890's
Ruf - Fairy Lamps - similar to fig. 609, pg. 173



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