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"Tulip With Sawtooth" Goblet PDF Print E-mail
"Tulip With Sawtooth" flint glass goblet; 6 3/4"H
© 1854
Bryce, Richards and Company, Pittsburgh, PA.
Unitt I - pgs. 194, 195 
"Dog Chasing Deer" Mug PDF Print E-mail
"Dog Chasing Deer" mug; 3 3/4"H
amber glass; beaded handle
© 1880-1891
Bryce Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA.
U.S. Glass Co., Factory K, Pittsburgh, PA. 
Carwile - Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass, 6th Edition, 1860-1930 - pg. 66 

"Maple Leaf" Sugar Bowl PDF Print E-mail
"Maple Leaf" sugar bowl; 6 3/4"H;
opaque white milk glass;
© 1902
Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton, Ontario
Diamond Glass Co., Montreal, P.Q.
Sutton-Smith - Canadian Handbook of Pressed Glass Tableware, pgs., 199, 279 
"Wildflower" Tumbler PDF Print E-mail
"Wildflower" tumbler in amber glass; 4"H
© 1874-1891
Adams and Company, Pittsburgh, PA.
U.S. Glass Company, Factory K, Pittsburgh, PA.
Reilly, Jenks - Early American Pattern Glass, pg. 502 
"Netted Swan" Goblet PDF Print E-mail
"Swan" or "Netted Swan" goblet in amber; 6"H
© 1882
Canton Glass Co., Canton, Ohio
Reilly, Jenks - Early American Pattern Glass, pg. 443 
"Reverse Swirl" Syrup Pitcher PDF Print E-mail
"Reverse Swirl" syrup jug; 7"H
clear glass with opalescent stripes;
applied handle; period lid
© 1888-1889
Buckeye Glass Co., Martin's Ferry, Ohio
Heacock - Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Glass,
Book 9, Cranberry Glass from A to Z,  pgs.. 70, 86
Robert Held Art Glass Vase PDF Print E-mail
Robert Held art glass vase; 6 3/4"H;
iridescent rose colour with whitish blue iridescent highlights;
"Robert Held Art Glass  Made in Canada" label on bottom of vase;
Vancouver, British Columbia 
© last quarter 19th C
Thorn Studio Art Glass Vase PDF Print E-mail
Thorn art glass vase; 4 1/2"H;
cobalt blue with multicoloured iridescent highlights;
signed "Thorn Glass 1992" on bottom of vase
John Kepkiewcz, Hawkesville, Ontario
"Milton" Wine Glass PDF Print E-mail
"Milton" wine glass; Pattern #373; 3 3/4"H
© 1890
Bellaire Goblet Co., Findlay, Ohio
McCain - Field Guide to Pattern Glass, pg. 186 
"Opalescent Honeycomb" Rubina Tumbler PDF Print E-mail
"Opalescent Honeycomb" rubina tumbler; 3 3/4"H
© 1884-1888
Northwood Glass Co., Indiana, PA.;
Phoenix Glass Co., Monaca, PA; 
Hobbs, Brockunier and Co, Wheeling, WV.
Heacock - Book 9, Cranberry Opalescent Glass from A to Z, pgs. 54, 153 
"Canadian or Panelled Thistle" Wine Glass PDF Print E-mail
"Canadian or Panelled Thistle" wine glass with straight bowl; 3 3/4"H
© 1908
Jefferson Glass Company, Toronto, Ontario
Sutton-Smith - Canadian Handbook of Pressed Glass Tableware, pg. 84
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