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"Signal" Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Spring loaded "signal" candle lantern; 8 1/4"H
circular base with three braces that go up to the base of the font;
slot in front lens cover for black-out purposes 
embossed on lamp E.M. Co. Ltd., Montmagny, Canada 
Miner's Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Miner's "Teapot" oil wick lantern; 3 1/2"H;
original hinged lid; hook for attaching lantern to helmet 
"Betty" Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Betty" lamp;
wrought-iron with swivel cover and single wick chamber;
spiralling hanger and period chain with wick pick;
1"H to top of chamber; 4 3/4"H to top of handle; 
© 19thC
The Rushlight Club - Early Lighting, pg. 35R  
Miner's Tallow Oil "Kettle" Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Miner's tallow oil "kettle" or tea pot lantern;
original label on font; curved handle with finger hold;
wick pick attached to top of lantern with chain; 
4" H to top of rim, 8" to top of hanging loop 
Braimes Company, Leeds, England 


"Piper" Marine Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Marine copper signal lantern; 11"H
fitted with a red, blue and colourless semaphore lenses; hinged door;
slide out font; chimneyless burner
First quarter of the 20th C
Used on the wooden indoor runabouts produced by the Duke Boats, Ltd., Port Carling, © 1924  
Piper and Sons, Montreal, P.Q.
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