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CN/CPR Bracket Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Railroad bracket lantern; 4 3/4"H;
painted green;
"CN" embossed on bracket, "CNR" embossed on font 
"Double Crusie" or "Phoebe" Grease Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Double Crusie" or "Phoebe" grease lamp;  covered top pan with wick channel;
serrated stud supporting upper reservoir for adjustment of top pan; 
lower bowl acts as a drip catcher; wick pick attached by chain 
8" H to top of lamp; 15"H to top of hook
Similar to The Rushlight Club - Early Lighting, pg. 40, fig. 4-17
Miniature "Tinoil" Blow Torch PDF Print E-mail
Miniature alcohol blowtorch;
tank marked "Tinoil' in raised letters, with the other side marked "Hess Torch"
double handled; 3 1/2" H x 4" L 
© 1910-1913 
Manufactured in Germany and imported in the United States by Hess and Son, Philadelphia, PA.
Carr, Smith and Stubbs - Vintage Blowtorches, pg. 224
Carr, Smith and Stubbs - More Vintage Blowtorches, pg. 135 
Four Channel Pendant Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Four channel pendant form lamp; 4"H
four channels for holding wicks; arched handle
early 19thC
The Rushlight Club - Early Lighting, pg. 36 fig. 4-3 
Piper Font PDF Print E-mail
Rectangular brass font; 4 1/2"W x 2 3/4"D x 2"H
chimneyless burner marked "E. Miller & Co., Meriden/Conn;
font stamped "Piper Maker Toronto" 
 Russell - Heritage of Light, pg. 161

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