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Piper Font PDF Print E-mail
Rectangular brass font; 4 1/2"W x 2 3/4"D x 2"H
chimneyless burner marked "E. Miller & Co., Meriden/Conn;
font stamped "Piper Maker Toronto" 
 Russell - Heritage of Light, pg. 161

Dietz Auto Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Dietz auto lantern; 11 1/2"H;
sheet iron; painted black;
glass roundel mounted in a hinged bezel 6 1/4"D;
red bullseye lens in rear of lantern; 
lens embossed with "PAT'D OCT 9th, 1906, MACBETH No 2731;
lantern marked "Dietz Union Driving Lamp, New York, U.S.A."
"PATENTED JAN. 25, 97, JAN. 2, 08, SEPT. 25, 06, JAN. 22, '07 
The Rushlight Club - Early Lighting, pg. 97, fig. 10-54
"Double Crusie" Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Double Crusie" or "Phoebe" grease lamp;
top pan with wick channel;
serrated stud supporting upper reservoir for adjustment of top pan;
lower bowl acts as a drip catcher; 
8 " H to top of lamp; 12"H to top of hook
The Rushlight Club - Early Lighting, pg. 40, fig. 4-17 
Miner's Teapot Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Miner's Teapot tin lantern
5"H to top of lantern, 8 1/4"H to top of handle;
wick pick attached to top of lantern by a chain;
curved handle with finger hold
© 1900 
"Kyal" or "Cape Cod" Lantern PDF Print E-mail
 "Kyal" or "Cape Cod" lantern; 8"H to top of handle; 
used in large areas where excessive smoking of a large wick could be tolerated 
The Rushlight Club - Early Lighting - pg. 104, fig 11-10 
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