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New York Central System Railway Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Railway lantern with amber globe;
lamp marked "Dressel, Arlington, N.J.";
"N.Y.C.S." (New York Central System)
© 1900-1920
E.T. Wright Railway Lantern PDF Print E-mail
E.T. Wright railway lantern with clear globe;
signed E.T. Wright & Co. Mfrs., Hamilton, Ont.
Pat.d 1926 
Piper Railway Lantern PDF Print E-mail
Railway lantern with red globe;
signed "The Hiram L. Piper Co. Ltd., Montreal",
"Adlake No. 200 Kero"
Pat'd. U.S. May 5 1908, Sept. 21 1909, Nov. 28 1911, Apr. 1 1913, May 9 1922
Canada 1921, 1923, Pats. Pending 
"The Everlit" Bicycle lantern PDF Print E-mail
Oil burning bicycle lantern; 6"H
red and green jewels on either side; 
embossed on top "The Everlit
Edward Miller and Co., U.S.A." 
"Emeralite Jr" Desk Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Emeralite Jr" portable electric lamp; 11 1/2"H;
green cased glass watermelon shade with white stripes;
pivot adjustment for tilting shade; weighted cast iron base concealed with ornamental brass shell;
angled steel spring clip underneath the base for attaching lamp to chair railing, bed headboard, etc.;
name plaque mounted on base reads "Emeralite Jr April 16, 1918", against a baked green enamelled background;
original push button electric socket signed "BYRANT 660W.250V PAT NOV 26, 1907."
© 1918 
H.G. McFaddin Co., New York
Shade produced by J. Schreiber & Neffen, Rapotin,Moravia (now Czech Republic) 
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