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White Milk Glass Miniature Oil Lamp with Brass Saucer PDF Print E-mail
Opaque white milk glass miniature oil lamp; 3"H
font decorated with polychrome decorations; orange bands at top and bottom;
floral band with pink flowers and green leaves; brass saucer base
© 1900
Smith II - fig. 104 
Cranberry "Honeycomb" Miniature Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Cranberry "Honeycomb" optic miniature lamp; 6"H
matching globular form shade; three colourless applied feet
© 1900
Smith II - fig. 521 
Green "Little Buttercup" Miniature Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Green "Little Buttercup" miniature finger lamp; 2 5/8"H
applied handle; "Little Buttercup" embossed on font
© 1900
Smith I - fig. 36 
"Little Harry's Night Lamp" Miniature PDF Print E-mail
"Little Harry's Night Lamp"; 3 1/2"H
clear glass base; milk glass chimney;
embossed on base "Little Harry's Night Lamp
L.H. Olmstead, New York" 
Patent dates embossed on underside of base March 20, 1877, April 24, 1877.
L.H. Olmstead Co., New York, New York
Blue Mold Blown Miniature Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Mold blown miniature stand lamp; 5 1/2"H;
peacock blue font with ringed convex shoulder;
opalescent stem and foot; underside with pontil mark
© late 19th C
Published:  Smith/Feltner - The Accurate Price Guide for Miniature Lamps I and II, fig. 17
Provenance - From the collection of Helen Feltner 
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