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Bears and Squirrel Fetishes PDF Print E-mail
Bear with stone Zuni fetish;
turquoise and stone fetish bundle on back 
2 1/4"L x 3/4"H
Zuni Pueblo, NM.
"Standing polar bear" Zuni fetish;
turquoise eyes with turquoise accents imbedded in the body;
painted on claws
carved from bone or antler
3"H x 1"W
"Squirrel" animal fetish;
squirrel standing on a stump carved from bone or antler;
nut carved from turquoise
1"L x 1"H 
Carlton Medallion stand lamp PDF Print E-mail
Carlton Medallion stand lamp, 10"H
Maker unknown
Thuro I - pg. 296  
Elephant Fetishes PDF Print E-mail
"Herd of Elephants" animal fetish;
2 1/2"L x 2"H 
large elephant with 6 smaller elephants
carved from pale green stone with dark green accents, possibly Jade
"Elephant with raised trunk" animal fetish;
1 1/2"L x 1"H
carved from pink stone with white and black accents
"Elephant" white animal fetish;
2"L x 2"H
carved from bone or antler material 
Zuni Fetish Necklace PDF Print E-mail
Zuni fetish necklace; 30"L
single strand of turquoise and shell beads
19 fetishes consisting of squirrels, turtle, frog, fish, armadillos, seal, etc., and a larger turquoise bear;
fetishes composed of vasrious materials - turquoise, mother of pearl, jade, and other stones.
Attributed to Zuni Pueblo, NM. 
Green "Bullseye" finger lamp with safety handle PDF Print E-mail
Green "Bullseye" finger lamp with safety handle
U.S. Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA.
Thuro I - pg. 270 
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