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"St. Lawrence" Hand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"St. Lawrence" green hand lamp; 3 1/2"H
applied handle, rayed base
© 1870
Como-Hudson Glass Works, Hudson, P.Q.
Thuro I - pg. 258
Smith I - pg. 53, fig. 48
Spence - A Guide to Early Canadian Glass, pg. 30, 36 
Ribbed Hand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Ribbed hand lamp with applied handle; 3"H 
similar to Thuro I - pg. 88 
"0" size Collins burner; thumbwheel marked "Collins Patent Sept.19.1865
Holmes Booth and Haydens, Waterbury, Conn. 
Thuro I - pg. 44 
"0" size Bullet/Cylinder Chimney
Thuro I - pg. 46 
Hobb's Dot Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Hobb's Dot finger lamp; 3"H'
blue with transparent applied blue handle
© 1880-1890
Hobbs, Brockunier and Co., Wheeling, WV.
Thuro II - pg. 101d 
"Coin Dot/Windows" Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Coin Dot/Windows" finger lamp; 2 7/8"H;
clear opalescent with a molded handle. 
© 1890 
Stevens - Glass in Canada The First 100 Years, pg. 85 
"Lyre" or "Harp" finger lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Lyre" or "Harp" fluid hand lamp; 5"H;
colourless flint glass with 6 panel font;
applied handle with a medial rib and triple terminal with lower curl
© 1840-1860
Boston and Sandwich Glass Co., Sandwich, MA.
Barlow and Kaiser, Book II, fig. 2143 
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