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"Emma" Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Emma" optic molded finger lamp in clear opalescent glass; appled handle
© 1880
"0" size pearl top chimney,
"0" size P & A MFG.Co. burner, Waterbury, Conn.
Thuro II - pg. 101 

Pale Mint Green and Vaseline Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

Pale mint green and vaseline finger lamp, swirl design,  with reeded applied handle
#1  prong burner, BG American Make, and #1 (2 1/2") pearl top slip chimney




"Peacock Feather" Electric Blue Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

 "Peacock Feather" electric blue finger lamp,
with "0" Queen Anne burner and "0" size pearl top chimney
© 1895-1907
U.S. Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA.
Thuro I - pg. 282


"Diamond Sunburst" Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Diamond Sunburst" amber finger lamp,
© 1874
Bryce, Walker and Co., Pittsburgh, PA.
"0" size pearl top chimney and "0" size eagle burner, P & A Mfg. Co., Thomaston, Conn.
Thuro I - pgs. 98, 173, 198


"Vine and Rib" Amethyst Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

 "Vine and Rib" finger lamp in deep amethyst,
with applied handle and swirled design in base 
© 1870
"0" size pearl top chimney with "0" burner, pat. Apl. 30 '83, MB Co., NY
Thuro II - pg. 97


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