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"Venetian" Footed Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Venetian" footed finger lamp; 5 5/8"H
blue opalescent Coin Spot font;
frosted finish to lower part of font and base
Thuro II - pg.101m  


"Greek Key" Footed Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Greek Key" footed finger lamp; 4 3/4"H;
colourless octagonal font and foot with Greek Key pattern on font;
#1 insert brass collar with patent dates of Sept. 19, Nov. 14, 1911
Thuro I - pg. 302
Thuro I - pg. 40 (collar) 

"Mix and Match" Footed Finger PDF Print E-mail

"Mix and Match" footed finger lamp; 5 1/2";
colourless with opalescent Coin Dot font
© 1890's
Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton, Ontario
Thuro II - pg. 117
Thuro I - pg. 40 (collar)
Stevens - Glass in Canada - pgs. 87, 90


Blue "Peacock Feather" Footed Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Peacock Feather" or "Georgia" footed finger lamp
electric blue; 6"H
© 1895-1907
United States Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA
Thuro I - pg. 282


"New England Centennial" Footed Finger Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"New England Centennial" footed finger lamp;
4 /12"H; colourless; applied handle;
font embossed with a circle containing and eagle and 19 stars;
reverse with a circle containing a scroll and 13 stars
© 1876
Thuro I - pg. 104



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