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Blue "Snowflake" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Hobbs #341/ "Snowflake" stand lamp; 8 1/2"H
blue opalescent font; clear stem and base;
brass connector with glass sleeve;
brass collar parked with patent dates of April 19, 1875 and March 21, 1876 
© 1890
Hobbs, Brockunier and Co., Wheeling, WV.
Thuro I - pgs. 152, 236, Thuro II - pg. 104c

"Clarissa/ Illinois" Junior Banquet Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Clarissa/ Illinois" junior banquet lamp; 17 7/8"H
colourless; matching patterned shade
U.S. Glass Co., Factory A, Pittsburgh, PA. 
Thuro I - pg. 285 right
Reilly, Jenks - Early American Pattern Glass, pgs. 267-270 
Cigar Lighter Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Cigar lighter lamp;
figural spelter metal base with lion-faced panels;
two dauber lighters, pet ratchet style burner;
original finish, cranberry hobnail ruffled shade 
6 1/2" to top of collar, 11" to top of shade
"Panelled Bullseye" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Panelled Bullseye" stand lamp; 9"H
leaded glass font; brass stem; marble base
© 1860's
Thuro I - pg. 92 (i) 

Carlton Medallion stand lamp PDF Print E-mail
Carlton Medallion stand lamp, 10"H
Maker unknown
Thuro I - pg. 296  
"Carleton Medallion" stand lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Carleton Medallion" stand lamp; 8"H
© 1880-1900
Maker unknown
Thuro I - pg. 296 
"Crystal Wedding" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Crystal Wedding" stand lamp; 7 1/2"H
clear font with frosted accents
© 1890
Adams and Company, Piyttsburgh, PA.
Thuro I - pg. 323 #14 
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