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Sawtooth and Bar Panel" stand lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Sawtooth and Bar Panel" stand lamp; 8"H
© 1890
Manufacturer unknown
Thuro I - pg. 286 
Daisy and Button with Crossbars Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Blue Daisy and Button with Crossbars stand lamp; 8 1/2"H
© 1890 
The United States Glass Company 
Thuro I - pg. 322 

"Inverted Thumbprint and Fan Base" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Inverted Thumbprint and Fan Base" stand lamp; 8 3/4"H
colourless opalescent font, blue fan base;
© 1890
Thuro I - pg. 290, fig. d 
"Atterbury Scroll" Diminutive Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Atterbury Scroll" diminutive stand lamp; colourless font;
opaque white saucer base with underside embossed "PATD SEP 29TH 1868";
Atterbury screw socket embossed with same patent date;
6 3/4" H, 5 1/4" base
© 1868
Atterbury and Company, Pittsburgh, PA.
Lamp - Thuro 3, pg. 100a
Atterbury Screw Socket - Thuro I pg. 129 
"Aquarius" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Aquarius" stand lamp in apple green; 8 1/4"H
© 1880-1893
Adams and Company, Pittsburgh, PA.
Thuro I - pg. 315, Thuro II - pg. 120a 
Whale Oil Lamp with Lacy Base PDF Print E-mail
Glass whale oil lamp with lacy stepped base; 8 3/4"H
original whale oil double tube burner
© 1830 
possibly Sandwich Glass Co., Sandwich, MA. 
Provenance:  Copeland Collection, A. Jon Silver Collection 
"Sheldon Swirl" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Sheldon Swirl" stand lamp; 7 1/2" H
blue reverse swirl opalescent font, leaf and jewel colourless base
© 1890
Buckeye Glass Co., Martin's Ferry, Ohio
Thuro 1 - pgs 286, 287, Thuro 2 - pg. 120c
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