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"Butterfly and Anchor" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Butterfly and Anchor" stand lamp; 9 1/2"H
© 1880-1900
Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton, Ontario
Thuro 1- pg. 271
Stevens, Glass in Canada - pg. 92




"Wanzer" Lamp PDF Print E-mail

Brass "Wanzer" lamp, 10 1/2"H
Pat'd. 1886
R.M. Wanzer and Company, Hamilton, Ontario
Valerie Lister - Trading Places, pg. 22, 58-62

"Nova Scotia Ribbon and Star" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail

"Nova Scotia Ribbon and Star" or "Zippered Block" stand lamp, 7 1/2"H
Trenton Glass Works, Trenton-New Glasgow, NS.
George Duncan and Sons, Pittsburgh, PA.
Sutton-Smith - Canadian Handbook of Pressed Glass Tableware, pg. 238



"Quilt" Stand Lamp with Pink Font PDF Print E-mail

"Quilt" stand lamp; 9 1/2"H
cased pink font; colourless base
© 1894
Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA.
Thuro II - pg. 113e


Blue "Windows/Coin Dot” Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
  “Hobbs' No. 326 Windows / Coin Dot” stand lamp; 9”H
sapphire/light blue opalescent font; colorless base;
Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Wheeling, WV.
Thuro I - pgs. 152, 225
Thuro II - pg. 101, 104, 105, no. 2.
Bredehoft - Hobbs, Brockunier and Co., p. 141, top





Blue “Hobbs Ringed Hobnail” Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail

Blue “Hobbs Ringed Hobnail” stand lamp; 9 1/8" H;
fitted with a period slip burner and chimney with owl pattern etching.
Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Wheeling, WV.
Thuro II – pg. 108c

"Polka Dot" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Polka Dot" stand lamp; 9 1/2"H
clear opalescent font, clear swirled base
© 1890
Thuro I - pg. 236 #6, Thuro II - pg. 101c
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