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"Turkey Foot" or "Plume" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Turkey Foot" or "Plume" Stand Lamp,
10 1/2" H.
United States Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA.
Early 19thC
Thuro I - pg. 318, 319

"Zipper Loop" Marigold Carnival Glass Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
"Zipper Loop" marigold carnival glass stand lamp, 7 1/4" high,
  #1 taplin brown collar with #1 burner and pearl top chimney
  Early 20th C
Thuro I-pg 306, Thuro II-pgs. 120, 121

Zipper Loop marigold carnival glass stand lamp
Green "Riverside Fern" Stand Lamp PDF Print E-mail
Green "Riverside Fern" stand lamp, 9 1/2"H,
with a fancy design pressed on the underside of the base
© 1898
#2 clinch collar, patented Sept. 19, 1882 & Dec. 4, 1883
Riverside Glass Works, Wellsburg, WV.
Thuro I-pg. 244

Green Riverside Fern stand lamp
"Heart" Stand Lamp, Opaque Green Glass PDF Print E-mail
"Heart" stand lamp, opaque green glass, 10 1/2" high,
© 1890
Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton, Ont.
Thuro I -pg. 260; Thuro II - pg. 97 
Unitt - Treasury of Canadian Glass - pg 225

 Heart stand lamp, opaque green glass
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